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7 Fall-Ready Boots for Petites

Most women see the changing seasons as a time to root through the closet and add new wardrobe essentials.

Fall usually means cozy sweaters, knit beanies, and of course, warmer footwear. Shorter stature ladies don’t need to sit this season out, as boots for petites can help you step out in major fall seasonal style.

Take a step in the right direction by reading about 7 fall-ready boot options heading your way!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes for Your Feet

Do you smell that? No, we’re not talking about the scent of a fresh pair of leather booties right out of the box.

It’s something else… that aroma that percolates just once a year. We’re talking pumpkin spice latte season, but for your feet.

When you take a cue from the typical fall colors and themes and translate them to fall fashion, you can really make a major impact, despite having small foot stature.

In fact, boots for petites look amazing in fall colors and are available all year.

Of course, each season always has a few standouts, which means you get to really pick what you like best. In 2016, fall took a cue from the tropical season that had just passed, with pink and yellow tones rising in popularity.

Pink and yellow boots for petites may be slightly harder to find (they may be harder to find in any size!) but you’ll trend mightily when you sport traditional tones like orange, brown, and crisp green.

Overseas Ideas for Boots for Petites

Your petite feet may make it difficult to find boots in your size on regular mall walk-ins, but there are places that actually cater to and practically only sell shoes for small sizes.

In fact, this is what life is like in Japan every day, where it’s pretty much impossible to find any traditional UK/USA sizes bigger than petite. Some countries’ residents are just smaller and therefore it’s a reality of life that their shoes come smaller too.

Can’t afford a trip with a couple empty suitcases to stock up on boots for petites in Japan? Don’t worry.

Online options exist in every country. Yes, it does mean taking a leap of faith when you order online, but shoe makers cater to you. You’ll often enjoy free shipping both ways, so order, try on, and return if you need to.

Give Yourself a Boot Boost

Ever hear of fake it til you make it?

It usually is meant for when we need a little bit of confidence to stretch ourselves toward a goal that seems just out of our reach.

Well, the same thing goes for when you want to look a little taller. Fortunately, there’s not much you need to fake with boots for petites because they can help get you to that goal of looking a little taller.

Of course, great things come in small packages, but you can work your boots to help you grow a bit, even if temporarily.

Some tips for looking taller with your boots include choosing a color that matches your leg tone. (This is, of course, if you’re wearing your boots with skirts or dresses, not long pants.) So it’s a good thing that boot makers have really come around to the rainbow of hues all of our skin colors come in. You’re sure to find something that matches your leg, and the matching makes it seem like your legs just go on for days!

If you want to look tall even with jeans or pants, you can still get a boot boost. Go up a half size or so and get some inner platforms.

These are small pieces of material, sometimes foam or cushions that slip inside the boot to give you a hidden height advantage. No one can see them and you can add them to flat booties or boots with sky-high heels, so it’ll just be your little secret.

Sky High Thigh High

Forget the optical illusions or the lifts for just a moment.

When you want boots for petites that totally transform, bigger can be better.

We’re talking about thigh highs, and yes, petites can absolutely wear them! And if you’re worried that thigh highs are the realm of the streetwalker, think again. They’ve come a long way baby and so will you.

Thigh highs have been designed to match any style and occasion (we know you’ve seen them strutting down the runway and in all the “model off duty” pap snaps). Plus, the “skinny” versions can slip under your jeans or put them on display – it’s your choice.

And because it’s fall, you’ll have an extra layer to keep your legs warm, too.

Boots with the (Faux) Fur

We know the song about the “apple bottom jeans” never fails to get everyone out on the dance floor, but it’s the next lyric, about the “boots with the fur” that we really call your attention to, because of course, as the song goes, “everyone was looking at her!”

For fall, boots for petites are coming out in every fur and accessory option imaginable. It’s a way of dressing up your feet without splashing out on super-expensive accessories.

For (or FUR) example, try the pom pom trend. These fun puffs come in every type of fringe, fluff, and fur, and whether they dangle off your ankles or your toes, they’re sure to make up for in attention what you don’t feel you get from your height alone.

Not so into the poms? There’s everything from stick-on gems to paillettes to fringe, in materials that satisfy everyone from the vegan to the carnivore.

Basically, the idea is that your boots can express your very large personality, no matter what your measurements whisper.

Bring Your Brolly

Not everyone likes the sunshine, so if you’re a rain-lover, fall is definitely your time in London. But rain can wreak havoc on shoes that are made with fur, suede, and extras like the puffs or poms.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and show off your new shoes. Just take care that your boots for petites stay neat on your feets. Ask your retailer about boot baggies – durable slip-ons you can squish into your purse or coat pocket and slip over your shoes when you get caught in a downpour.

There are also sprays and sealants, applicable depending on the boot material itself, which you can take to actively protect your footwear against the fall season.

Get Your Boots Made for Walking

Or running, skipping, working, dancing, and living!

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