Bank Holiday Pretty-Small-Shoes

So, another Bank Holiday has come and gone. I can’t believe we are now in June! It seems ridiculous as I’m sure we were only in the depths of winter not 5 minutes ago, and now we are all cowering in the shade, moaning its too hot already. How typically English.

This year I’m trying to make the most of my Bank Holiday’s. For the May Day Bank Holiday the SBO and I were on our exceptionally romantic Paris trip (pics and more details to follow in a few weeks or so) and for this one I was in Estonia. But I wasn’t the only one away this time, Jen, Pretty Small Shoe-r extra-ordinaire was also away.

Estonia is not the first place one thinks of to spend their Bank Holiday weekend, but I was on a Hen do and the Hen has family there – which, of course, makes it the perfect place to go. They took us to all the best bars (and they were good!), recommended all the best restaurants (also very good) and basically showed us around their very beautiful, but a bit chilly, city. Here is a picture of me in my Whispers my favourite small size ladies boots , with a very good friend of mine, in the last club we went to.

When we came out it was 4am in the morning and bright daylight! I was so surprised I totally forgot there were cobbles under the red carpet (swish right?) and toppled from my favourite gorgeous petite shoes boots straight onto my bum! I was quite grateful to be sat down so I was there until a bouncer came and picked me up and righted me again!

Jen, on the other hand, had a much more relaxing, chilled out weekend in Mallorca. With it being a damn site warmer in Spain Jen and her holiday party were able to swim in the sea, sit in the sun and drink cocktails until there hearts content. Here’s a picture of Jen, and of course, she is wearing a pair of pretty-small-shoes. Jen is wearing the oh-so comfy Speedwell petite size wedges, which make her a good couple of extra inches taller which means she can finally wear this season’s key dress – the maxi! And I think we’ll all agree she looks every bit the summer goddess.

Am I jealous that Jen spent her Bank Holiday on a gorgeous Spanish island while I was freezing in northern Europe… maybe just bit but then again, I can’t tell you what happened on the hen, can I? ;D