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  • Got Short Girl Problems? - Then Check Out These Funny Cartoons!

    Do your feet always dangle when you sit on the toilet?. Do you always look like you are 5 years old in any group photo? Do people use your head as a handy place to put their drinks?

    Then You are a SHORT GIRL and you got PROBLEMS girlfriend!

    Have a look at our new series of funny cartoons that offer a light hearted look at your world and just might help you learn to laugh at your cute but tricky life. There are lots of things that make it great to be small, but the world is out to test you yeah? Check back here regularly as we will be adding new funnies every week and maybe even let us know your favourite `short girl problem` and if we use it we'll send you a lovely gift. mail us at orders@pretty-small-shoes.com to submit.
  • Pool problem image

    Pool problem image

  • Is this you even in the shallow end of the Pool ?

    On Your Tippy Toes but water still gets up your nose?
    Have to stand on the middle rung of the pool steps just to reach your drink?
    Treading water like a maniac just to talk to folks in the middle of the shallow end?
    We feel for you short girl - we really do!!

  • trouser problem image

    trouser problem image

  • You have to alter all your clothes?..even the small size ones?

    Ever bought `special petite clothes` and found them 3 times too big?
    Do you hate it when others say they are so small they have trouble buying clothes and you are half their size?
    Even buying in `petite` shops you have to get your scissors out when you get home?
    That's a proper short girl problem- pay for `petite` then pay for alterations anyway AAARRGGGHHH!

  • toilet problem image

    toilet problem image

  • Public toilets a nightmare?..Always left hanging?

    Every girl has this problem but they mostly have a solution!
    The solution is to `squat and hover`, but not if you have `short girl problms`.
    You can't squat if you can't get up to the bowl, so you're left danglling girl...oh the horror of it!

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